One World Observatory

One World Observatory

Why you should go (yes, even if you’re a local).

Plain and simple: It’s just not New York City without Lower Manhattan. 这是磁. 这是电. It’s everything and a little bit more. Whether you’re making the most of a weekend getaway or looking for ways to mix up your lunch break, Downtown New York has all the shopping, dining and entertainment you could ask for. From City Hall to The Battery, savor one-of-a-kind flavors from the world’s top chefs. Discover awe-inspiring museums like the 9/11 Memorial and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum. Take in a show or get a taste of New York nightlife and dance ‘til dawn. With hotels and lodging for every style and budget, you’ll be rested and ready for whatever comes next. And when one square mile contains infinite possibility, it could be anything. So get going, and see what’s happening in Downtown New York.


Help Save The Planet By Dropping Off Your 食物 Waste At Our Free 堆肥 Bins

You don’t need a record-breaking 65-degree December day to tell you this, but as this weekend’s weather reminded us — climate change is real, 这是在这里. And while coordinated global government action is crucial to mitigating rising sea levels and temperatures, individual action matters, 太. 回收, transitioning to solar power, and taking public transit or carpooling are all ways to cut down on your own carbon footprint. Another great way to help the planet? 堆肥.To help Downtown New Yorkers up their compost game, the Downtown Alliance has teamed up with the NYC…

New Sustainable Playscape Brings Earth-Friendly Fun To Downtown

It’s never 太 early to start teaching kids about the importance of protecting the…

A Downtown Holiday Gift Guide For Any Budget

It’s the holiday season once more, and this year, we’re about giving back as much as…


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